Edward Jones


Edward Jones

Edward L. Jones is the founder, president and chief executive officer of HNUSR, which he created out of his passion for ensuring social justice for children from low-income communities. While employed as the Director of the Teacher Service Center within the College of Education at Alabama A&M University (AAMU), Ed developed a collaboration between the HNUSR and AAMU through a Memorandum of Understanding with the university that made the HNUSR a vehicle that would help develop a pipeline of well-prepared students to the university; particularly, students from the Huntsville City School System Title I schools. In 2015, Ed broke the HNUSR away as an entity of the Teacher Service Center making the HNUSR an independent non-profit entity with no connection to Alabama A&M University.

An ordained minister in the Baptist tradition, Ed has a particular passion for social justice issues. This passion coupled with his many years of experience as a teacher and teacher educator has strengthened his commitment to community building through education. Ed believes that the number one priority in any community should be the proper education of its children and that, as a result, a viable community will not only thrive but be sustained. As a scholar, he studies the development of educational equity in school settings as a means for achieving social justice. His research explores how environmental and social factors, such as poverty and its resulting factors, influence the academic outcomes of children and youth from low-income communities.

Ed received the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Curriculum, Teaching & Educational Policy from Michigan State University, the Master of Science degree in Inorganic Chemistry from Clark Atlanta University, and the Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Alabama A&M University.

Phone: 256-716-9168