Volunteer Opportunities

We welcome individuals, and members of faith-based communities, civic organizations,  and businesses as volunteers for Huntsville Freedom Schools.

A volunteer may offer an occasional or one-time service, like being a Read-Aloud Guest.  Or, they may make a summer-long commitment, and teach a skill twice a week. For example, Angelo Coleman from @Risk, LLC (pictured on far left in picture) engaged scholars and trained and guided other volunteers to engage scholars with science,  technology, engineering, and mathematics (S.T.E.M) activities on several days during the summer 2014 program.

Volunteers must complete a screening and application process. For more information, please email us.

If you have time once or twice a week you may volunteer to:

  • Tutor a scholar in reading
  • Help a teacher in the classroom
  • Write/edit brief articles for our newsletter
  • Teach a weekly class in art, music production,
    poetry, choral music, dance, video
    production, rap, computer coding, graphic
    design, money management, math, science,
    cooking, language (i.e., French, Spanish,
    American Sign Language)
  • Shop for needed supplies for a Freedom
    School site
  • Lead a physical education activity, such as
    kickball, basketball, relay races, etc.

If you have time once or twice a year you may volunteer to:

  • Serve as a Read-Aloud Guest (10-12 minutes, mornings).
  • Demonstrate a craft or skill, such as sewing, woodworking, knitting, model-building, arts and crafts, no-stove food prep (afternoons).
  • Help with onsite registration of scholars.
  • Set up/pack up a Freedom School site.
  • Shop for art supplies or snacks.
  • Chaperone a field trip.
  • Lead a life skills class for Junior Interns (i.e., dating & relationships, budgeting, saving for college, career planning).
  • Arrange and host a field trip at your workplace or at another learning place.
  • Plan a Parent Engagement night event or presentation on such topics for parents as budgeting, understanding your child’s IEP, managing conflict, keeping your family safe online, how to save for your child’s education, fire safety, gun safety, low-cost recreational activities for your child.

Guest Readers

The ability to read and write is vital for academic and career success in any field.  Huntsville Freedom Schools emphasize this by inviting a guest reader to each site  each day.

Our reading guests include professionals from across the city, such as business owners, lawyers, nurses, doctors, chefs, religious leaders, educators, government
officials, parents/guardians, students, writers, musicians, performers, community activists, government officials, and former inmates-turned-advocates.

Most of our readers share favorite children’s books, stories, essays, and poems. Others, though, may tell stories, play an instrument, act out scenes from plays or movies, or teach a lesson. The purpose is to encourage teens and children on the importance of the spoken and written word.

Read-Aloud guests read for 10 minutes during the morning Harambee sessions. To be a guest reader in next summer’s sessions, email us.

Would you like to volunteer?